The Benefits Of Pamphlet Marketing

The Benefits of Pamphlet Marketing

The sight of smiling men and woman handing out pamphlets at traffic lights has for long been a common site on South African streets. With the evolvement of the industry one tends to wonder if the strategy still caries any effectiveness.

Turns out it still works. Here are the top benefits pamphlet-marketing holds for your business.

Miscommunication is limited

Simple grammar; short sentences and to the pint wording is usually used to convey a message on pamphlets. This eliminates the changes of a message being misinterpreted. Making things easier for the marketer.

Reaching an audience you would not normally do

Phamphlet marketing is an efficient way of reaching new customers. People you reach this way may have not recognized your business exited until they took your flyer at a traffic light.

Marketing happens trough a ripple affect

Consequently you are assured that your pamphlets directly reach potential customers. Not only the person who receives the pamphlet; reads it. Everybody at the office or in the house will read it to when it is left in clear sight.

It is affordable

5500 A5 pamphlets printed in colour can cost at most R550 including free delivery, making it much more affordable than radio, television and newspaper marketing.

In addition pamphlets act as a constant reminder to the recipient. While radio, television and newspapers only give a marketer limited time to reach their potential customer.

Pamphlet marketing in conclusion is an ideal solution for both businesses and clients. Their eye-catching, easy to read format entices readers to learn more and also allows them to take the information home with them, for later perusal.

In addition- using a good looking model to do the hand-out; guarantees that more attention will be drawn to your brand.

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