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The Benefits of Pamphlet Marketing

The Benefits Of Pamphlet Marketing

The sight of smiling men and woman handing out pamphlets at traffic lights has for long been a common site on South African streets. With the evolvement of the industry one tends to wonder if the strategy still caries any effectiveness.

Turns out it still works. Here are the top benefits pamphlet-marketing holds for your business.

Miscommunication is limited

Simple grammar; short sentences and to the pint wording is usually used to convey a message on pamphlets. This eliminates the changes of a message being misinterpreted. Making things easier for the marketer.

Reaching an audience you would not normally do

Phamphlet marketing is an efficient way of reaching new customers. People you reach this way may have not recognized your business exited until they took your flyer at a traffic light.

Marketing happens trough a ripple affect

Consequently you are assured that your pamphlets directly reach potential customers. Not only the person who receives the pamphlet; reads it. Everybody at the office or in the house will read it to when it is left in clear sight.

It is affordable

5500 A5 pamphlets printed in colour can cost at most R550 including free delivery, making it much more affordable than radio, television and newspaper marketing.

In addition pamphlets act as a constant reminder to the recipient. While radio, television and newspapers only give a marketer limited time to reach their potential customer.

Pamphlet marketing in conclusion is an ideal solution for both businesses and clients. Their eye-catching, easy to read format entices readers to learn more and also allows them to take the information home with them, for later perusal.

In addition- using a good looking model to do the hand-out; guarantees that more attention will be drawn to your brand.

For professional Pamphlet Distribution Models contact Glamour Promotions.

Identify a legitimate promo model agency

How To Identify A Legitimate Promo Model Agency

The unemployment rate in South Africa and rising costs of tertiary education has led a number of students and school leavers looking to take up a part time job. Many combine their love of socialising with work by acting as promotional models. Scamsters have, however, taken advantage of this desperate situation.
If you are looking to take up a job as a promotional model, take note of the following to prevent yourself from falling prey to promo model scams.

Ask questions

A good, legitimate agency should have no problem providing you with detailed answers about their company and should gladly offer references if needed. If the person with whom you are speaking is hesitant to reveal information or is very eager to have you sign a contract and pay upfront fees, chances are you’re dealing with a scam. Stay away from agencies who aggressively advertise in the newspaper, free local magazines or on the radio. Well-known, reputable agencies don’t need to advertise.

Find out if the agency signs talent for free or if they charge upfront fees

A modeling agency that requires you to pay fees for representation before you get any work might not legitimate. Most agencies should explain on their website that they don’t charge any fees and will only take a percentage of what you are paid when you get work. If an agency requires you to send money or pay for a professional photographer to develop your portfolio before you sign with them, then they’re probably not legit. Be wary of an agency that pushes you to pay for services such as classes and photo shoots.

Review all contracts and paperwork carefully

Note if the agency lists clients they’ve represented and the types of jobs they book for their models. Look through the agency’s roster of models and examine the quality of work they’ve done.

Legitimate modeling agencies operate during normal business hours

Normal hours include Monday through to Friday, 8am or 9am to 5pm. If a modeling agency wants you to meet in the evening or on the weekend, it’s probably not a safe bet. Look for the agency’s business license when you visit. If it is in plain view, then it’s a legitimate modeling agency. Note whether they display high-quality photographs of their models. If you see photos that look scanned or photocopied, then you’ve probably stumbled on a fake.

If you find any discrepancies when doing this evaluation, look for the nearest exit and run darling, run. For a legitimate promotional model agency look to Glamour Promotions.


Promotional Models

Why We Are The Best in the Industry?

Hired Promotional Staffing is likely the most important element of a successful event or experiential marketing. At Glamour Promotional Models, we specialize in providing Good-looking, professional staff for any event, promotion or Trade Show through-out South Africa.

With a wide range of services, we are able to provide you with the right individuals for events such as:

Private Events, Corporate functions, Exhibitions, Golf days, In-store promotions, Press launches, Sporting events, Flyer Distributions and many more

Our books contain individuals with a range of experiences including Hostesses, Shooter girls, Brand Ambassadors, Golf day Ladies, Dancers, Models, Personal Assistants, Sales Assistants, Activation Managers, Flyer Distributors, Trade Show Hostesses and many more

We do have national managers to manage your activation from start to Finnish in each major City in South Africa.

We do also have a large database of staff of male and female staff and have very strong relationships and reputation with promoters.

We do also cater for full event management, booking staff, promotional clothing and branded items. We pride ourselves in our creativity, innovation and execution to create positive experiences for your audiences.

Please contact us for a quotation on your next event

Host A Yearend Function That Will Blow Your Team Away

It is that time of the year again. Year-end functions – the time to reward your staff for all their hard work and dedication during the year.

If you are planning a teambuilding event or an awards evening or even the old fashion year end party- in the end this is the ideal time to really spoil your staff.

This should be a big deal as your employees are said to be your biggest asset, so chances are you will need some help planning the event

Here are some things to consider when planning a year end function:

  • Budget – Decide how much you are willing to spend or have saved up for the event as a company.
  • Who will you invite – Staff, Clients, plus ones. This will help you budget.
  • Pick a date – The normal time for a company yearend party is in the first two weeks of December, but this is not a set rule. Choose a few dates to present to prospective venues.
  • Invitations – These should be sent out earlier and include all the details about date, venue and dress code.
  • Venue – There are so many venue options to choose from and an event planner can help with your final selection. The venue you choose will inevitably be determined by the size of event and budget.

Glamour Promotions can take care of all of these aspects for you and are experts in all aspects of Event Co-ordination.

This includes:

  • Corporate events
  • Private functions/parties
  • Teambuilding
  • Golf Days
  • Product launches
  • Award ceremonies
  • Road shows and exhibitions
  • Conferences

To have your year-end function be what it is intended for which in essence is a good close to the year for a group of employees who work hard during the year, get an event coordinator like Glamour Promotions on board.

Contact Glamour promotions now.